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Drum Liner Trash Bags Heavy Duty Plastic Garbage Contractor Bag 55 Gallon 50 Ct

The Ultrasac Drum Liner Trash Bags are resistant to tears and punctures to secure heavy loads. These bags are great for industrial use and fit commercial-sized drums. They are environmentally friendly and manufactured from 90% recycled materials. Made of 2-mil thick material, the 1-at-a-time dispensing design provides easy access.

Husky 42 Gal. Heavy Duty Contractor Bags (50-Count)

The HUSKY 42 Gal. Clean-up Bags (50-count) are ideal for all your tough clean-up jobs. Featuring a tear and puncture-resistant design, it includes true tie flaps and 1-by-1 dispensing for an easy use. Its 42 Gal. capacity is strong enough for contractor, commercial or home use.

WM Bagster Dumpster in a Bag

The Bagster Dumpster in a Bag service is an an easy-to-use waste removal solution that works on your schedule. Now you can clean up after almost any renovation, remodel, or move in 3 easy steps: 1. BUY the Bagster bag 2. FILL it with waste from any renovation 3. CLICK OR CALL whenever you’re ready for pickup The Bagster bag is perfect for projects that are too big for contractor bags but too small for a full-size dumpster. And while contractor trash bags can break easily, the dumpster bag is flexible and tear resistant. It holds up to 3,300 lb or 3 cubic yards (3 CUYD) of waste and debris, making it a much better option than contractor garbage bags for your next renovation. The Bagster bag opens to 8’L x 4’W x 2.5’H, but arrives compact so you can easily store it for as long as you want. Just unfold it and place it in a convenient location whenever you need it. Then, when your renovation is finished, simply schedule your pickup and pay on or by phone. With cleanup this easy, you’ll never need to buy contractor bags again! Service not available in all areas, and collection fees and other restrictions may apply. See for details.