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RinseWorks Aquaus 360 Premium Hand-Held Bidet with Patented Dual Spray Pressure Controls in Chrome – NSF Certified

RinseWorks Aquaus 360 -
The Aquaus 360° is the World's First Handheld Bidet with thumb pressure controls on both sides of the sprayer. Dual thumb controls make it the most user-friendly and comfortable to hold and maneuver bidet sprayer ever made. New ergonomic design combined with the perfect size spray pattern and dual adjustable thumb pressure controls allow you to easily spray up or down to rinse your front and back bottom areas quickly and neatly. The Aquaus 360°is the only handheld bidet that is NSF Certified to U.P.C. (Uniform Plumbing Code) for installation in the USA and Canada and includes 2 Certified Plumbing Code Required Backflow Preventers. The Aquaus 360°spray wand is made of high strength, impact resistant, corrosion free medical grade ABS polymers with a bacteria resistant polished chromed finish and a brass valve core with ceramic disk seals with a 250 psi pressure rating. The High Quality, Solid Brass, American Made T-Connector and Valve easily connects to 7/8 in. toilet threads without tools or a plumber. T-Connector has a 1/4 turn Ball Valve designed so the ON/OFF lever is easy to reach and the hose connects vertically, allowing it to hang straight down preventing unnecessary stress on the hose crimp. NSF Certified, Stay Flex 54 in. long, stainless steel, high-pressure hose with a burst rating of 270 psi. Stay Flex hose includes double hose crimps on both ends and a high-pressure braided polymer inner hose that stays completely flexible when pressurized.